tenore, olio extravergine


Protagonist on the table for his decisive inspiration. Tenore is the extra virgin olive oil with a spicy and balanced character that owes its vegetal notes of tomato, artichoke and grass to the variety of olives used: the Coratina cultivar.
Typical of the Puglia region, Coratina is known for its rich catch of polyphenols, very powerful antioxidants.


Tenore is the extra virgin olive oil ideal for enhancing pasta dishes with radicchio, meat sauce, grilled red meat, legume soups, crusts with home-made bread.



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The Intenso Opera extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its strong and decisive taste, perfect for dishes such as meat, fries or soups.

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From the careful selection of Apulian olives, Tenore is born, the intense extra virgin olive oil for lovers of strong flavor, which is distinguished above all by its tingling and the high presence of polyphenols, powerful natural antioxidants. Thanks to its strong character due to the spicy notes it is absolute protagonist in a delicious and rich cuisine.

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